Introducing Reflections of Life

It’s spring here in South Africa, and much like nature’s renewal, we too are undergoing a phase of change and growth. Over the past six years, you’ve known us as Green Renaissance. This name originated over a decade ago, when we devoted our time to the crafting of wildlife and conservation documentary films. Since then, our work has evolved, shifting towards our passion for telling the heartfelt stories that you’ve come to know us for — the stories that delve into the essence of being human. We’ve come to feel that ‘Green Renaissance’ no longer accurately reflects who we are and what we share. And so, we’ve decided to take a bold new step forward.

As of today, we are excited to introduce Reflections of Life.

Reflections of Life is more than just a name; it’s a resonant call to explore the depths of our shared humanity. This change acknowledges the boundless beauty inherent in the human experience and our desire to explore the intricate stories that define us.

We feel that this new name beautifully captures so much of what we do, and aim to achieve –

  • The character of each film, reflecting on their own life as they share their story with us
  • Through watching the film, you the viewer are guided to reflect on your own experiences
  • The creation of a sense of connection, by seeing similarities in one’s own life, reflected in the experiences of another
  • And through the lens of Michael’s camera, the capturing of reflections, light and shadows in our visual imagery

This change also represents our unwavering belief in the impact of storytelling to create connections, and to nurture empathy and understanding. Our new identity encapsulates the rich tapestry of life’s emotions and experiences.

And it’s us, Justine and Michael, behind the lens.  None of that changes.  We’re just ‘packed’ a little differently.

Another small change to our Patreon offering is the introduction of a new subscription tier (as requested by so many of you in recent months), in which we’ll be sharing monthly access to exclusive content, such as behind the scenes, additional footage that didn’t make it into the final film, along with personal updates from our adventures.

We invite you to join us on this journey of reflection and connection.

Thank you for the kindness that we’ve received from all our patrons over the years. The success of this project is entirely thanks to your support, enabling us to continue to share one new film every two weeks. This also allows us to keep these films free of any corporate agenda or advertising.

And we are grateful to everyone who shares messages of support, that help to remind us of the power that these stories have to touch hearts and minds.  Thank you for believing in the infinite beauty of being human.

With much love.
Justine and Michael